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Welcome to Coldene Wheels and Castors. Our mission is ‘buying wheels and castors…made easy’ and this, quite simply, is what we are about.

We started life in 2005 as a small, rural business dedicated to making things easier for our target market. We must have done the right thing, as we are now a market leader, having experienced year-on-year growth every year since we were formed.

In our quest for simplicity we have evolved from a distributor to a business who designs, manufactures and supplies exactly what our customers need.

If you do business with Coldene, it really is buying wheels and castors….made easy!

You’ve arrived at our corporate website. Here, you can find information about the background of the business, our values and what makes our people tick. You can also see what our customers think of the work we do.

Shop for our products or contact us on sales@coldene.co.uk or 01296 431 135

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We really believe in our strapline; buying wheels and castors…made easy! Here are our top five reasons why you should order from us, for a simple and stress-free experience:
  1. We’ve got it all! With over one-and-a-half million parts in stock in our Buckinghamshire dispatch centre, PLUS the ability to design and create bespoke wheels and castors, Coldene really is your one stop shop.
  2. We’re in the know! With highly experienced, technical sales people, dedicated in-house Account Managers, a rapid response customer service team and Market Sector Specialists, there’s really nothing in the world of wheels and castors that we can’t help with.
  3. We’re on it! With our incredible stock levels and a fully tracked, global DPD delivery service available seven days per week, our lead times are impressive to say the least.
  4. We won’t be beaten on price! We’ve got a fantastic Price Match Promise, which says we’ll guarantee best value, and even some savings, on like-for-like products.
  5. We’re heading for world domination! Well, maybe not yet, but we are a home-grown business that’s evolved and adapted from our initial shed-in-a-field in Northampton to the impressive operation we are today. With that journey comes a deep knowledge of our product and our markets and a genuine desire to provide world-class customer service.

“We convert shipping containers to generator systems required by large organisations like hospitals and manufacturing plants, our production method is line based with containers flowing through our production process.  By utilising Coldene’s container castors we have improved our throughput massively, we can push containers sideways in fact in any direction as required unlike our old gantry crane system.  We now have 10 sets on site and recommend them if you have similar applications.  Good quality British Engineering “

Plant supervisor J Smith

ISO Shipping Container Castors

Coldene Automotive plant castor

We have used the same castors for the last twenty years without any problems – however recently our product changes has meant our trailers are now carrying higher loads and working faster to feed our production line which is not helped by extremely poor road conditions, potholes and drains everywhere which the trailer are being pulled over.

Coldene looked at our old product along with the environment and totally redesigned and manufactured a much more robust solution we have retained all the key dimensions so the new castor bolts straight onto our existing applications the new design has even managed to reduce the unit weights by 15kgs which helps my engineers when fitting the castors.

I am very impressed

Engineering procurement buyer

Automotive Sprung Loaded Castor