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Cooking up fabulous products

Improved & optimised bakery & food industry products on way

As a result of working with some of the largest food processing plants across the UK and Europe, Coldene is proud to offer an optimised range of products to this market. Following in-house testing, the new products are guaranteed to reduce downtime and costs in this busy and pressured environment. Our products also meet stringent health and safety requirements and, because many of them are apart of UK stock holdings, they can be provided quickly and efficiently.


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HLS: Strong and stable growth

Coldene’s Hygienic Levelling Solutions are (HLS) on the up!

As part of our continued growth plans, we are delighted to announce a new range of Antibacterial plastic-footed load feet. These plastic moulded feet are impregnated with hygienilac, which is added to the mixture prior to moulding, enabling it to actually repel bacteria. Coupled with 304 stainless stem, this product is very hygienic and highly suitable for food production facilities as well as pharmaceutical clean room operations. We plan to offer this product with a hygienic stem in future, making it the ultimate in hygienic plastic-footed load feet. To find out more, or to discuss how Coldene HLS can help reduce your load bearings feet costs, call our specialist, Matt jones, on 01296 531646.


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New Mendip Castors Website – buying wheels and castors…made easy

As a division of Coldene Castors, Mendip Castors has a focus on making the user experience of buying wheels and castors more efficient. We aim to reduce the time it takes a customer to find a product, and then to offer the most competitive price.




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