Quick Guide How To Measure A Wheel

In order to purchase the correct wheel there are some critical dimensions we require to ensure we supply the correct wheel.

  1. Use an accurate measuring devise.
  2. Wheel Diameter – this is the distance across the wheel from edge to edge
  3. Tread Width – This is the surface area of the wheel which touches the ground
  4. Hub Length – This is the length through the centre of the wheel – where the shaft would run
  5. Bore Size- This is the diameter of the hole in the centre of the wheel – double check this by measuring the outside diameter of the shaft or axle the wheel is intended to fit.
  6. Type of Bore – your wheel may have a number of centre bores:
    1. Plain Bore – Wheels with no bearing
    2. Needle Roller Bearing – A cage containing needle rollers
    3. Ball Bearing- Precision bearing
  7. Tyre Material – what is the tyre made from.
  8. Core Material – What is the centre of the wheel made from.
  9. Weight Loading – you may not 100% know the loading required however if you explain your application we can advise the product ranges we can offer.


Still not sure call our technical sales people who will be more than happy to assist.

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