News Letter July 2019

Brand New Coldene Castors Wheel – Made in the UK

Coldene are proud to announce our brand-new design of our 125mm aluminium centre with a blue polyurethane tyre wheel (CDW125PA-ERGO).

Picture of wheel

coldene castors made in uk

Designed and manufactured in the UK.

Picture of wheel core being made

wheel core being made

Our aim is to make ‘buying wheels and castors made easy’ and so we have begun to manufacture the popular everyday products. Meeting European Standards, we can ensure our products are tested and compliant with the latest DIN requirements. Manufacturing wheels and castors in the UK has allowed us to increase our stock profile along with lead times for customers. We are able to keep competitive prices and still produce a high-quality product. Overall, we are making buying wheels and castors easy!


First UK supplier of IP67 bearings

Coldene hygienic levelling systems is the first distributor of IP67 bearings. Our waterproof IP67 bearing units comply with 3A and EHEDG regulation. We offer 4 types of IP67 bearings which we can supply from stock. If you are interested please contact or call us on 01296 531646.

IP67 Bearing Housings


We have a new catalogue coming!

If you are interested in our brand-new hygienic levelling feet catalogue then please contact us.



Coldene YouTube

We have recently started posting weekly videos on YouTube. Go and check out our channel and watch our lasts videos on container castors.

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