Is your height an issue !! Introducing Coldene Castors new low-level castor range

Here at Coldene we have recently introduced a new low-level castor range. Made for applications where overall height is restricted but quality is still needed.

Low Level castor selection from Coldene Castors

We have serval castor types which make up this range.

Starting with our corner furniture castor- A perfect solution to mobilise any furniture. Simply attached to any right angle edge.

Next our foot plate castors. This range is ideally for any application which requires infrequent movement, a load foot at the read offers a firm static base by raising the wheel off the ground. Suitable for applications where it doesn’t need to be moved regularly.  For example a display stand with a removable plinth.

Footmaster castors are unique as they are a fully functional low level extra heavy duty castor combined with an anti-vibration load foot ideally for heavy equipment which mainly remains static but will require the ability to be moved.

The super low level castor has the ability to carry very high load capacities with very low overall height, benefiting from quiet running technology this product will suit many confined space applications.


Our last range is the monster castor range. This range is one of the most popular due to the excessive load capacities and low overall heights which are achieved. Perfect for display stands and other applications where there is a heavy load but also a confined space.

To purchase all of these castors please see the links below-


Corner Castors –


Foot Castors –


Footmaster Castors –


Super low-level Castors –


Monster Castors –


For more information please contact or phone us on 01296 431135.


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