Polyurethane Components

Did you know that Coldene manufacture bespoke polyurethane components?

Through large investments over the past 18 months, Coldene are fully equipped to cast polyurethane here in the UK, to suit your specific requirements, from CAD concept to mass production.

The PU strips below were used as dampening components to reduce possible damage to expensive engine components when coming off an over-head conveyor line.

Polyurethane is an extremely universal material that can be used across many industries.

Get in touch today to discuss your requirements.

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Polyurethane Products 1
Polyurethane Components

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Shocks, Isolators, Impellers, Pinch Rollers, Bushings, Metal Forming Pads, Cutting Surfaces, Mounts, Bumpers, Bearings, Blocks, Elastomers, Coverings, Gears, Linings, Springs, Straps, Tubing, Washers, Wheels, Flexible Couplings, Castors, Plugs, Sheets, Scrapers, Pads, Absorbers, Rope Sling Separator, Polyurethane soft touch wheel, Soft Touch Wheels, Forklift stabilising feet, Stabilising feet, Star Wheels, Sun Feed Rollers, Polyurethane Blocks, Polyurethane Brick Pattern Roller, Polyurethane Containers, Polyurethane roller, Polyurethane Covered Roller, Polyurethane Curling Rings, Polyurethane Diablo Rollers, Polyurethane Impact Bars and Pads, Polyurethane Mud Flaps, Polyurethane Rods, Polyurethane Rollers, Polyurethane Scraper Blades, Polyurethane Sheet, Polyurethane Water Treatment Wheel, Cable Sheath Wheel, PU Lined Cable Sheath Wheel, Quarry Screen, Rebonded Wheel and Tyre, Rebonded Industrial Wheels and Tyres, Regulator knobs, Polyurethane Rod, Rods & Tubes, Aircraft Refuelling Parts, Aluminium Hubs and Wheels, Bump Stops, Polyurethane Wheels, Cable Drum Roller, Clamping Jigs, Conveyor belt rollers, Diablo & Parallel Pipe laying Rollers, Dry Dock Gate Rollers, Guide Wheel, Industrial Fork Lift Wheels, Packaging blocks, Pipe Cleaning Pigs, Pipe Support Clamps, Polyurethane Baggage Slats, Polyurethane Bend Restrictors

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