Have you considered a UK supplier?

As we get closer to a “possible” no-deal scenario I want to ensure that our existing, and potentially new clients, are aware of the option to purchase industrial wheels, castors and polyurethane components from our own shores already exists.

The industrial castor sector has been swamped for many years by European and Far Eastern castor manufacturers coming into the UK and taking business, in the past as consumers we have “all” allowed this to happen as a result within our sector manufacturing reduced massively and our market is flooded with very low-quality product.

Time to change:  No, I cannot improve on your Chinese prices nor do I want to – we will however be extremely competitive and will produce high quality against a level playing field.  We are building a long-term strong UK manufactured brand and we need clients to join us with the journey and be proud to have UK quality products.

Hopefully these extraordinary times will give UK manufacturing the opportunity to re-set and become great again.  Buy British #madeinbritain

Support UK companies.


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