Heavy-Duty Castor T12/TP Range

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Introducing our new Heavy-Duty castor T12/TP range, UK designed and manufactured at Coldene Castors Ltd England. Each castors body can withstand certificated SWL test of over 30,000kgs. Overall load rating is controlled by the weakest component in this application being the Cast Iron Polyurethane wheel, which is required based on the environmental condition the castors is being used in. However we can produce wheel in other materials to increase the load rating if required.

These actual castors have a directional lock system in place to enable the castor to be locked into a directional position.
As the only “real” UK castor manufacturer we produce castors to extremely high standards, our castors are sold around the world due to the quality of the product and UK workman ship. If you have any applications and would like a technical sales advisor to make contact please reach out.  #madeinbritain #buybritish #ukmade #ukmanufacturing #wheels #castors #casters

#MADEINTHEUK By Coldene Castors Ltd

If you are looking for any polyurethane products please contact our sales team – sales@coldene.co.uk / +44(0)1296 431135

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