We are Coldene Castors, a UK-based designer, manufacturer and distributor of industrial wheels and castors. We believe our expertise, experience and impressive range of products presents the perfect solution to your wheel and castor needs and we’d like to explain why dealing with us makes buying wheels and castors so easy.

Our range

Quite simply, we have the best range of products. Because we manufacture our own parts and assemble them here in our UK dispatch centre, we can be extremely flexible in what we provide.

Our experience

Coldene Castors has been in business for over 15 years and we have over 27 years of combined experience within the organisation. We’ve grown and adapted from a tiny, rural setup into an efficient and competitive operation, which currently supplies many businesses in your sector.

Our flexibility

We supply many of our customers with bespoke wheels and castors because our manufacturing capability means we can quickly create something fit for purpose. We’ve always been innovators and we love a new challenge.

Our lead times

We have impressive lead times. We hold over one million components in our Buckinghamshire dispatch centre, which means we are able to quickly meet even the most specialist of requirements.

Our people

We have highly technical, fast response sales and customer services teams on standby to discuss your needs. Our in-house Account Managers provide the personal touch and we also employ Market Sector Specialists who can provide advice and guidance on sector-specific requirements.


Coldene Castors Managing Director .jpg

“UK (or world!) castor domination may seem like a overzealous statement, but our market is currently flooded with Far Eastern or European imports, leaving a number of our clients feeling uneasy with the unpredictability of what lies ahead.

I see an opportunity where investment into the right areas can change this uncertainty. Coldene’s technical knowledge and ability to innovate gives us a distinct advantage over our imported competition. In turn, our clients have peace of mind with a secure supply source to work with.