Polyurethane Star Wheel

Did you know Coldene Manufacturer #Polyurethane Products.

👇Polyurethane Star Wheel



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Polyurethane Components

Did you know that Coldene manufacture bespoke polyurethane components?

Through large investments over the past 18 months, Coldene are fully equipped to cast polyurethane here in the UK, to suit your specific requirements, from CAD concept to mass production.

The PU strips below were used as dampening components to reduce possible damage to expensive engine components when coming off an over-head conveyor line.

Polyurethane is an extremely universal material that can be used across many industries.

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Polyurethane Products 1
Polyurethane Components

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Pipe Tensioner track pads

Another polyurethane component made here at Coldene Castors Ltd.

Polyurethane Pipe Tensioner track pads.


Polyurethane pipe lay tensioners pads


If you are interested in finding our more information or would like our sales team to assist you with any other polyurethane enquiry please contact us.



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Special application ISO Container Castors

‘T30’ Range with 30 tonne capacity.

By customer request Coldene have designed a new addition to our ISO Lug Container Castor range, the “Triple wheel T30”, with an additional wheel and uprated bearings. Each castor has a working load of 10,000kgs. (Over four castors, reduced to 30 tonnes to ensure a safety factor is built in).


The new design incorporates a directional locking system enabling the end user to lock the castor into a fixed direction position, we have also included new turning eyes on both the front and rear of the castor allowing any turning systems to be attached at either end.

This range is manufactured by Coldene Castors Ltd in the United Kingdom and supplied to clients across the globe.

If you have any special load application, please make contact.


01296 431135 – sales@coldene.co.ukhttp://www.coldene.co.uk

March Newsletter

Escalator/elevator guide rollers

Coldene Castors are proud to announce we are manufactures of escalator rollers. (GAA456CX1) We are able to produce any size and any colour against customer requirements.

We have been approached by some of the world’s leading lift manufacturers to made guide rollers.



Our team is growing

We are pleased to introduce Gary Jones our new Key Account Director. Gary will be covering the north of the UK actively looking for new business along with maintaining relationships with existing clients.



New Machines

We are keen to become an established UK manufacturer. We are investing in new tooling and machines to increase our portfolio and be able to meet all our customer’s needs.

If you have any requirements please feel free to contact our sales team on 01296 431135 or email sales@coldene.co.uk


January Newsletter 2020

January Newsletter 2020


Happy New Year from everyone in the Coldene team. We hope you all have a great 2020!


An insight into Coldene Castors Manufacturing

Over the next few months we will be regularly posting on our YouTube page giving our customers the chance to see what Coldene is about. Displaying how we manufacture and design the products we make.

We believe giving our customers an insight into how Coldene is growing is key to the success of our manufacturing facility in the UK.


Coldene Sales Representative

We have a team of specialists out on the road for both castors and levelling feet. If you require a solution to be solved or just an enquiry for either castors, levelling feet or polyurethane products please contact our sales team to arrange a meeting.

01296 431135 – sales@coldene.co.uk


Trolleys and Trucks is a division of Coldene Castors Ltd. A wheel and castor manufacturer based in the UK. Together we are able to produce and manufacture trolleys and trucks to suit many requirements. In todays world there are many cheap imports however we stick to firm principal that all our products are built to last. Initially you may pay more for our products but in the long run we provide far greater value for money.

If you require a custom-built trolley then please feel free to contact us. Here is a list of projects we have done in the past.

custom built fruit picking trolley 1

  • Sack Trucks
  • Sack Barrows
  • Storage Trolleys
  • Order Picking Trolleys
  • Production Line Trolleys
  • Kitting Trolleys
  • Flat Bed Trolleys
  • Tool Trolleys
  • Workshop Trolleys
  • Plasterboard Trolleys
  • Hospital Trolleys
  • Car Wash Trolleys
  • Medical Trolleys
  • Glass Handling Trolleys
  • Turntable Trucks
  • Platform Trolleys
  • Office Trolleys
  • Towable Trolleys
  • Pallet Trolleys
  • Industrial Trolleys
  • Board Trolleys
  • Parts Trolleys
  • Pipe Trolleys
  • Rubbish & Recycling Trolleys
  • Stock Trolleys
  • Lockable Trolleys
  • Distribution Trolleys
  • Security Cages
  • Cylinder Trolleys
  • Carpet Trolleys
  • Nesting Trolleys
  • Platform Trucks
  • Shelf Trolleys
  • Container Trolleys
  • Post room Trolleys
  • Trolleys with steps
  • Heavy Duty Trolleys
  • Table Trolleys
  • Cash Trolleys
  • Workflow Trolleys
  • Tray Trolleys


Call our specialists today on 01296 438206 or email sales@trolleysandtrucks.co.uk