Buying wheels and castors…made easy !

We offer a comprehensive range of industrial wheels and castors which spans over 15 ranges which equates to  4000 products all held in stock.

Or ethos is quality, so components we use are all selected to ensure the very best value without compromise.

Mendip-Castor-Budget-Castors-Top-PlateBudget Castors Top Plate

Mendip Castor Budget Castors Bolt HoleBudget Castors Bolt Hole

Mendip Castor Medium Duty Castors Top PlateMedium Duty Castors Top Plate

Mendip Castor Test Menu Image 100Medium Duty Castors Bolt Hole

Mendip Castor Heavy Duty Castors Top PlateHeavy Duty Castors Top Plate

Mendip-Castor-LARGE PLATE HEAVY DUTYMedium Duty Castors Large Plate

Mendip Castor Extra Heavy Duty RangeExtra Heavy Duty Castors Top Plate

Mendip Castor Fabricated RangeFabricated Castors

Mendip Castors Twin Wheeled Fabricated RangeTwin Wheel Fabricated Castors

Mendip Castor ergo top plate rangeErgonomic Castors

Mendip Castors High Temp CastorsHigh Temperature Castors

Mendip Castor Stainless Steel RangeStainless Steel Castors

Mendip Castor Low level RangeSuper Low Level Castors

Mendip Castor Foot master levelling castorsFootmaster Levelling Castors

UntitledHeavy Duty Low Level Castors

Mendip castors pnuematicPneumatic Castors

Untitled2Bin Castors

Mendip-Castor-sandwich castorsNoise Reducing Sandwich Castors

Mendip Castor WheelsWheels

Mendip Castor Load RollersLoad, Pallet and Guide Rollers

Mendip Castor AccessoriesCastor Accessories

Mendip Castor Gate CastorGate Castors

Mendip-Castor-height adjustable castorsHeight Adjustable / Jacking Castors

Mendip castors scene shiftersTheatre Scenery Skates

Mendip Castor Truck LocksTruck Locks

Mendip-Castor-TSXSwivel Heads

Mendip-Castor-scaffold castors maleScaffold castors

Mendip-Castor-cargo castorsCargo Castors

Mendip-Castor-CONTAINER castorsContainer Castors

Mendip-Castor-SKATESRemoval Skates