Not every “off the shelf” solution works many applications require a more technical approach.

This is our forte, with our manufacturing capabilities making any industrial castor or wheel for a particular customers application is where we excel. We have a mass of technical expertise and experience which can really benefit the process, even from the design stage we can advise the client on materials specifications though to stress loadings and rolling resistant calculations.   We can also run testing on our own testing machinery (up to 1000kg dynamic force) and can outsource for much higher load capacities.

Reverse Engineering

On many occasions we have been able to reverse engineer a special or OEM product to improve and enhance the product.

We have supplied many special bespoke applications around the world to leading companies, such as Doosan Babcock, British Steel, American Space Industry to name a few.

Guide Roller Polyurethane

Bespoke Polyurethane Rollers

Coldene Nylon Roller