Quick Guide How To Measure A Wheel

In order to purchase the correct wheel there are some critical dimensions we require to ensure we supply the correct wheel.

  1. Use an accurate measuring devise.
  2. Wheel Diameter – this is the distance across the wheel from edge to edge
  3. Tread Width – This is the surface area of the wheel which touches the ground
  4. Hub Length – This is the length through the centre of the wheel – where the shaft would run
  5. Bore Size- This is the diameter of the hole in the centre of the wheel – double check this by measuring the outside diameter of the shaft or axle the wheel is intended to fit.
  6. Type of Bore – your wheel may have a number of centre bores:
    1. Plain Bore – Wheels with no bearing
    2. Needle Roller Bearing – A cage containing needle rollers
    3. Ball Bearing- Precision bearing
  7. Tyre Material – what is the tyre made from.
  8. Core Material – What is the centre of the wheel made from.
  9. Weight Loading – you may not 100% know the loading required however if you explain your application we can advise the product ranges we can offer.


Still not sure call our technical sales people who will be more than happy to assist.

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Coldene Castors Garment rails Castors

Do you work in a clothing shop and are you fed up of lifting your clothing rails and moving them around all day in your shop? We all know they are not the lightest things in the world now don’t we.

There is a very simple solution to solve your problem which, when installed will take no effort at all to move your clothing rails! Just use castors. Now what is a castor you may be thinking? Let me tell you what they are and how you can use them for your clothing rails.

What is a castor?

A castor is a wheeled device typically mounted to a larger object that enables relatively easy rolling movement of the object. Casters are essentially special housings that include a wheel, facilitating the installation of wheels on objects.

How are they used with Clothing rails?

Commonly found at the foot of clothing rails are bolt hole and bolt hole braked castors, these casters are used because most clothing rails have a long pole at the bottom of them, as they need to fit into a single hole hence why the bolt hole castors are used because they have a single hole for which the garment rail pole can fit into.

Never get tired again!

Now simply push your clothing rails around your shop with ease and little effort. No more getting tired lifting them around the place.

If you want to find out more about our bolt hole and bolt hole braked castors and how they can help you, please get in touch with our experts on 01296 431135 to find the best solution for you.

Garment rail blog pic






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A little bit about our fabricated castor range

When moving heavy loads here at Coldene Castors we have a wide range of extra heavy-duty fabricated casters to suit many applications.  Constructed from heavy duty steel components ensures strength and durability allowing heavy applications to be moved.

We offer three types of fabricated housing along with serval wheel choices, depending on the environment the castor is required to work on.


Fab castor range


Wheel materials include Nylon (Images above), Cast Iron, Polyurethane, Elastic rubber, ask our technical team which tyre is best for your application

To purchase please follow the link below –



Coldene castors extra heavy-duty fabricated castor range is one of our most popular ranges casters held in stock. Supplying predominantly to OEM  fabricators and engineers.

We offer a rapid delivery service on our product fabricated caster range.


If you have any questions regarding our heavy duty fabricated range or require a custom built heavy duty castor then please contact our technical sales department who will be happy to help.


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Introducing the All Pneumatic Castor Range from Coldene Castors

The all pneumatic range of castors from Coldene Castors, provides a wide variety of products to choose from.

Providing excellent shock absorption characteristics, the pneumatic castor range is suitable for woodland, garden or sport field environments. The range is also ideal for applications where high ground clearance is essential and the wide tread width will not damage the terrain, such as cricket ground covers and score boards.

Available in high quality fabricated zinc plated fixed, swivel and swivel braked castor housing options, the range offers steel centre wheels with wheel diameters of 200mm, 260mm and 300mm.

Each housing has a double ball bearing in the head race to enable 360 degree movement.

The Top Plate is sized to 140 x 105mm, with Hole Centres 105 x 80mm.

Code   Wheel Dia (mm) Tread (mm) Load Capacity (kg) Overall Height (mm)    
CDSTPPNES200   200 60 130 260    
CDSTPPNES260   260 80 160 310    
CDSTPPNES300   300 90 160 355    
CDFTPPNES200   200 60 130 260    
CDFTPPNES260   260 80 160 310    
CDFTPPNES300   300 90 160 355    
CDSTPBPNES200   200 60 130 260    
CDSTPBPNES260   260 80 160 310    
CDSTPBPNES300   300 90 160 355    

All items are available ex-stock.




For more information, call us now on 01296 431135 or email sales@coldene.co.uk


Inverted Cargo-Handling Castors

On average there is 51.2 million tonnes of air cargo transported last year. Air cargo handling is of high importance in today’s world.

Coldene’s Castors Ltd Inverted Cargo-Handling castors are specially designed to operate in cargo-handling applications such as container dollies, ULD handling equipment and cargo decks.

It features a very strong and durable nylon wheel, with incorporated precision ball bearings for ease of movement. With specifically developed thread guards and seals for a maintenance-free operation against extreme weather conditions and debris.

The body of the castor is electrolytically zinc plated and passivated to prevent corrosion.



CDCC60NY-DP-TG 60MM 96MM 250KG 116x73MM 89MM
CDCC70NY-DP-TG 70MM 102MM 250KG 116x73MM 89MM
CDCC60NY-DP 60MM 96MM 250KG 116x73MM 89MM
CDCC70NY-DP 70MM 102MM 250KG 116x73MM 89MM





If you are interested in purchasing cargo castors or ball transfer units please contact us.

Coldene Castors are based in the UK and supply all airside manual handling platform industrial wheels.


Tel: 01296 431135

Website:  www.airportcargocastors.co.uk




Fruit picking Trolley manufactured by Coldene Castors Ltd

Fruit picking Trolley manufactured by Coldene Castors Ltd



We love a challenge here at Coldene Castors manufacturing. Specialising in bespoke manufacturing is what we are best at!!!!


One day in October 2018 we received a phone call from a man passionate about strawberries. Finding us from our trolley & trucks website(www.trolleysandtrucks.co.uk) where we offer custom built solutions on trucks and trolleys.


Yes, we are best known for our wheels and castors however we offer a vast range of trolleys which are all made within the United Kingdom.


After a number of site consultations, our designer understood our client’s requirements needs/wants and got to work.  2 prototypes later we produced a fruit picking trolley which have revolutionised our clients picking process, which lighter, stronger more durable and cost effective.


Benefits of our fruit picking trolley


  • Aluminium kit construction (steel welding)
  • Reduction in weight
  • Product sizing holes within easy reach of operator
  • Easy push handle
  • Tray drain hole
  • Ergonomic user design – everything is in the right place to increase picking speed and product checking.
  • Coldene pneumatic wheels (Rounded profile for better movability)
  • Spare parts from stock
  • Made in the UK



Completing a project like this one really shows what Coldene is capable off. Not only supplying the wheels but designing and manufacturing industrial trolleys. We have received some incredible feedback from the few fruit farms we are currently supplying this one of a kind bespoke UK manufactured trolley.

If you require a custom-built trolley or even a wheel replacement for a trolley you already have please contact us. For further information please visit the websites below.





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ISO Shipping Container Casters, castors manufactured in the UK

Coldene Castors the sole UK manufacturer of ISO shipping container castors.

Designed engineered and manufactured in the United Kingdom. Coldene Castors Ltd produce two ranges of shipping container casters covering to weight capacities from 12 ton’s to 24 ton’s our castors are manufactured to the highest quality as our client will testify.

T24 blog picture - Shipping container Castors

“Made in the UK” is a seal of quality and our worldwide sales demonstrate this with orders across the globe,  recently braking into the American market (May 2019)


Accompanying Accessories


Towing Bar   T-Bar:  Essential addition for both the T12 & T24 is our tow bar with a 50mm universal tow hitch and locating plates to fit both models, makes moving the containers a simple task – Maximum towing load is 6000kg at 3 mph

Tow Bar Dollie Tb-Dollie:  Recommended but not essential perfect to aid the movement of the tow bar also very handy for storage.


100% Made in the UK and held in Stock !!!



We have recently redesigned our shipping container 24ton set due to feedback from our customers. (Please take a look at our drawings below)

t24 shipping container castors drawings

Many shipping containers are modified and used for different applications, as long as you have an ISO lug our castors can be used.


shipping container castors heavy duty wheel casterscontainer-castors-pic-in-action.jpg


As a UK manufacture we have the ability to produce bespoke items if a standard shipping container is not fit for purpose why not give us a call to discuss your application.


If you have any requirements for ISO shipping container castors the please contact us. For further information visit our website all about castors for shipping containers.




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