January Newsletter 2020

January Newsletter 2020


Happy New Year from everyone in the Coldene team. We hope you all have a great 2020!


An insight into Coldene Castors Manufacturing

Over the next few months we will be regularly posting on our YouTube page giving our customers the chance to see what Coldene is about. Displaying how we manufacture and design the products we make.

We believe giving our customers an insight into how Coldene is growing is key to the success of our manufacturing facility in the UK.


Coldene Sales Representative

We have a team of specialists out on the road for both castors and levelling feet. If you require a solution to be solved or just an enquiry for either castors, levelling feet or polyurethane products please contact our sales team to arrange a meeting.

01296 431135 –


October Newsletter 2019

PPMA Show “stopper” the fight against Bacteria

On October 1st 2019 Coldene successfully exhibited at the PPMA show as Coldene Hygienic Levelling Systems.

We lead the show with our exclusive  range of anti-bacterial levelling feet. Hygienic solutions are at the forefront of the packing, food and pharmaceutical industries. Coldene HLS are leading the fight against bacteria and are the “only company” who has developed this range of products.


We offer a hygienic sealed stem, hygienic stem and fully threaded stem. All can be seen in the picture above.

If you are interested in finding out more information about the blue anti-bacterial levelling feet call Matt our product specialist.

01296 531646


Coldene track success !!!

Over the last few years we have been supplying components to a Italian Go-kart manufacture.
Our lastest range of products have been used in the development of a new two seater go-kart which can reach speeds of 80 mph.


Coldene Manufacturing Continues

We have now been manufacturing in the UK for over a year. Making bespoke wheels, castors and polyurethane products. Recently we finished a batch of bespoke Automotive Sprung Loaded Castors.


If you have any requirements for bespoke wheels and castors or polyurethane products please contact the Coldene sales team.

01296 431135


September Newsletter 2019

Coldene Products Participate in Red Bull Soapbox Race

redbull soapbox castors wheels



Recently we have supplied some pneumatic wheels to go onto a soapbox. If you haven’t heard of the Red Bull Soapbox Racing then you are missing out on a great event which travels around the globe finding the best soapboxes. As you can see from the image above a popular choice of wheel is an air-filled pneumatic wheel.  Easy to fit and a perfect wheel to absorb the twists and turns on the race track. If you want to take part in the Red Bull Soapbox race then follow the link below and don’t forget to come to Coldene for your wheels.


Great Feedback

Its great to see that we are fulfilling our strap line – “Buying wheels and castors… made easy “

Here is a google review showing that Coldene customers are really pleased with the service our team are providing.


Sam C


a week ago

My eyes were bleeding trying to sift through the huge variety of products – thank heavens I gave them a call. By far the best value recommendation I had found & Oliver was super helpful expediting an urgent delivery before I even had an opportunity to ask. Great 🙂


If you would like to leave a review please follow the link below –



Extra Heavy-Duty Castors

Coldene now have full stock of our extra heavy-duty castors. If you are looking for a castor which can take loads of up to 800kg then check out the Coldene heavy duty castors. Multiple wheels options available for a next day dispatch.

To purchase straight from our website, follow the link below.


News Letter August 2019

Coldene Blockbusting Success

Since Coldene was established in 2005 we have been supplying our products for major Hollywood blockbuster movies, produced in studios around the UK and Europe. Recently our castors have been featured in Star wars, the new Fast & Furious Hobbs & Shaw and the The Curse James Bond 25. Unfortunately, our products rarely make a main screen appearance but behind the sense they keep the production rolling.



Coldene manufacturing output increases

Manufacturing in the UK has taken off better than any of our plans could of forecasted clients are very keen to engage with our new division, and we are now making bespoke wheels and castors for some major OEM companies around Europe as a result we are pushing our fledgling  manufacturing department to the limit. Therefore we would like to introduce Gemma to our engineering team. Gemma will be focusing on production planning to improve the flow of work.


PPMA reminder – Stand G94

If you haven’t signed up to visit the PPMA Total show here is a little reminder!

We will be at stand G94 showing off our conveyor levelling feet, IP67 bearings and castors.

ppma 2019.png



Coldene are regularly uploading posts onto Facebook and Twitter. Go follow us to be up to date with our manufacturing and engineering.

Twitter – @coldene_castors

Facebook – @coldenecastor

YouTube – Coldene Castors


News Letter July 2019

Brand New Coldene Castors Wheel – Made in the UK

Coldene are proud to announce our brand-new design of our 125mm aluminium centre with a blue polyurethane tyre wheel (CDW125PA-ERGO).

Picture of wheel

coldene castors made in uk

Designed and manufactured in the UK.

Picture of wheel core being made

wheel core being made

Our aim is to make ‘buying wheels and castors made easy’ and so we have begun to manufacture the popular everyday products. Meeting European Standards, we can ensure our products are tested and compliant with the latest DIN requirements. Manufacturing wheels and castors in the UK has allowed us to increase our stock profile along with lead times for customers. We are able to keep competitive prices and still produce a high-quality product. Overall, we are making buying wheels and castors easy!


First UK supplier of IP67 bearings

Coldene hygienic levelling systems is the first distributor of IP67 bearings. Our waterproof IP67 bearing units comply with 3A and EHEDG regulation. We offer 4 types of IP67 bearings which we can supply from stock. If you are interested please contact or call us on 01296 531646.

IP67 Bearing Housings


We have a new catalogue coming!

If you are interested in our brand-new hygienic levelling feet catalogue then please contact us.



Coldene YouTube

We have recently started posting weekly videos on YouTube. Go and check out our channel and watch our lasts videos on container castors.

Go to YouTube




News Letter June 2019

Our manufacturing capability is really opening doors for us with some very exciting projects currently in progress.

One such project is the provision of our  Automotive Sprung Loaded Castors which are 100% made in the UK by us.

Our client has an existing application where the castors were failing due to increased load demand. Our UK design engineers redesigned, improved and strengthened the castors while managing to save 15 kg off the unit weight (which was another client requirement).

We are proud that every aspect of this project has been completed by Coldene. This achievement is especially important because it now means  we have the ability to compete with our European rivals.

Coldene Automotive plant castor
Made in England Coldene Castors


ISO Container Castors T24

Our heavy duty 24-tonne container castors have undergone a design review after client feedback reported that the old design was heavy and therefore difficult to manoeuvre into position and attach to the ISO container. We have therefore added a jockey wheel and arm to aid the movement and positioning of the castor.. Heavy lugging is now a thing of the past.



Manufacturing Update

Our new polyurethane metering machine arrived 2 months ago and has now been fully commissioned and put into operation.  Production has started on a number of key products including load rollers.



ppma show 2019 stand G94.png



Round Up 12

Roll Out The Red Carpet

Coldene’s container castors ‘cast’ in starring role

Container castorsColdene has been left star struck after supplying the UK Film industry with several sets of our 12 and 24 ton ISO Container castors. In true acting style, the castors aren’t actually fulfilling their intended purpose; instead their load capacity and high quality design has made them the perfect choice for a bespoke piece of equipment to be used on set.

Coldene’s container castors, 100% manufactured in the UK and coming to a screen near you!



Knowledge Is Power!

Let Coldene put the power in your hands with our tech training

IMG_3370We’re not claiming to have re-invented the wheel but there’s no doubt that material technology and wheel design is evolving faster than ever. Loads are getting larger, speeds are on the increase and everyone wants improved rolling resistance and durability. At Coldene, we like to make buying wheels and castors as easy as possible so our tech team are available to come and help you make the right selection from our wide range of products.

Whatever you are looking for a review of your existing kit or to find out more about some of our newer products, our team will visit and train your designers and purchases. If interested, please contact Glen Morrison on



HLS On Tour

Coldene’s hygienic load systems are finding their feet

23214Matt Jones has been out demonstrating our hygienic load range. These appeal to pharmaceutical clients, particularly for use in clean rooms, but also for more standard requirements, especially when Matt shows how bacteria can move up a threaded stem!


Coldene Castors ~ Tel: -01296 431135 ~ ~


Round Up 12



Cooking up fabulous products

Improved & optimised bakery & food industry products on way

As a result of working with some of the largest food processing plants across the UK and Europe, Coldene is proud to offer an optimised range of products to this market. Following in-house testing, the new products are guaranteed to reduce downtime and costs in this busy and pressured environment. Our products also meet stringent health and safety requirements and, because many of them are apart of UK stock holdings, they can be provided quickly and efficiently.


NON bolt down Blue foot.png


HLS: Strong and stable growth

Coldene’s Hygienic Levelling Solutions are (HLS) on the up!

As part of our continued growth plans, we are delighted to announce a new range of Antibacterial plastic-footed load feet. These plastic moulded feet are impregnated with hygienilac, which is added to the mixture prior to moulding, enabling it to actually repel bacteria. Coupled with 304 stainless stem, this product is very hygienic and highly suitable for food production facilities as well as pharmaceutical clean room operations. We plan to offer this product with a hygienic stem in future, making it the ultimate in hygienic plastic-footed load feet. To find out more, or to discuss how Coldene HLS can help reduce your load bearings feet costs, call our specialist, Matt jones, on 01296 531646.


Mendip Castors Logo.png

New Mendip Castors Website – buying wheels and castors…made easy

As a division of Coldene Castors, Mendip Castors has a focus on making the user experience of buying wheels and castors more efficient. We aim to reduce the time it takes a customer to find a product, and then to offer the most competitive price.




Coldene Castors ~ Tel: -01296 431135 ~ ~