“buying wheels and castors… made easy”

Customer Case Study 

Our customer is a leading manufacturer of educational equipment across the UK. They provide educational services with tables, chairs, cabinets and trolleys, all manufactured within the UK.

The original manufacturer of the castors used on their applications was US-based, with long lead times.

Our Challenge

We needed to reduce lead times while sticking to imperial measurements and maintaining all elements of the original design.

Our solution

We held design briefing meetings which allowed us to identify a European castor and design and manufacture an imperial spigot.


“We saved thousands on shipping from America. Coldene was spot on.”

Customer Case Study

Our customer is a manufacturer and supplier of specialist cricket equipment to cricket clubs, nationwide.

They wanted to make a previously static piece of equipment mobile.

Our Challenge 

The client wanted a retro fit solution to enable their customers to upgrade equipment. The finished product therefore needed to operate within a defined set of dimension.

Our Solution

Our flexibility enabled us to use an existing wheel and manufacture a special bracket complete with a brake mechanism. This made the product totally mobile and lockable without amending the original design.

“..very impressed with your service and work ethic.”

Customer Case Study

Our customer is a global provider of high quality steel products. They identified the need for a bespoke castor to be used on an underground railway towing bogie.

As an existing customer for other products, they came straight to Coldene with some strict criteria.

Our Challenge 

Our design needed to take account of overall height, carrying capacity and the environment for use. We needed to design a very specialist product.

Our Solution

We designed and manufactured a totally bespoke product capable of carrying 2,000kg (per castor) at high speed in a railway setting.



“…I knew from the outset that Coldene were the only company capable of producing this bespoke product. Buying wheels and castors was really made easy through Coldene.”