Global Head of Cable & Pipe Lay Solutions

How did you hear about Coldene?

 Gary Jones approached me on Linkedin, after many months of talking we finally had a need to order track pads on a very tight timescale and Coldene could meet the delivery timescale.


What problem(s) did you face before working with us/using our product or service?

 Lead time for these track pads, over 6 weeks normally for a full set.


Why did you choose our product/service/company?

 The lead time offered.

The people involved were very accommodating and gave the impression they knew what they were doing.

Technical information was provided upfront when requested and a plan of action was quite clear from the get-go.

Price was not too bad considering timescale requirements.


How was our product or service better than other ones you’ve used in the past?

The speed of delivery was excellent and allowed us to fulfil the requirements of a project in time. It also helped us secure the project by being able to be ready in time. The price was fair. When asked to put on a night shift to further speed up production due to the schedule being pulled forward, they obliged and delivered in time.


Would you recommend us to others? (and why?)

 Definitely for many reasons:

  1. Fast Delivery
  2. Welcoming for site visit to witness process and discuss best way to deliver the product.
  3. Technical input was excellent and we agreed some improvements for next time that could be implemented to reduce time and cost, if given some better notice on delivery schedule.
  4. Personable people and nice to work with.


Do you have any other comments?

Just to say thanks for delivering on time (actually earlier than agreed initially) and I’d be keen to work with you again.


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