The Vision by Managing Director- Mr Colin Barton

Coldene Castors Managing Director Colin Barton

Owner and Managing Director, Colin Barton, has been a driving force behind Coldene Wheels & Castors since it was first formed. He remains passionate about Coldene’s future as a market leader in wheels and castors. With the passionate and committed management team, all with the same focus, the vision is to not only extend an already extensive worldwide customer network further, but also to take control of our Supply Chain by manufacturing our own products.

Coldene Castors has the flexibility of a small business but the resources of a large company. This ideal combination is enabling us to invest in the necessary tools to manufacture our products in the UK. By doing this we will have far better control over external influences such as exchange rates and the potential trade implications of the UK leaving the European Union.

From our humble beginnings, we have grown and developed into a successful business with exceptional technical knowledge. We have the ability to solve complex application solutions and are able to offer complete new product design with 3D in-house modelling. The next chapter for Coldene Castors is to have ‘Made in UK’ on our products.