Below, a selection of product ranges which are produced at Coldene.   For more information or perhaps you would like to discuss your application. Please send a message to:


Escalator and manual handling load rollers

High demand applications benefit from using the correct products, we can enhance and modify our materials to suit different environments.

We produce load rollers and escalator rollers for extreme condition applications.


Bespoke Castor Applications

We can design and manufacturer to solve any application situation, working closely with clients to overcome any obstacles is at the forefront of our service.

example image: Car plant sprung loaded tow-able castors


Polyurethane components

From small widgets to large industrial parts all produced in-house in a high grade coldenemaxithane material


 Sole UK manufacturer of ISO container castors

Produced in the UK to the highest quality, our castors attach and lock directly into the ISO lug and eliminate the need for a crane or heavy-duty forklift trucks. Standard stock ranges 12 tonne, 24 tonne – options on 30 tonne & 40 tonne


High specification Industrial Wheels

We can produce any polyurethane wheels up to  450mm diameter these products are commonly found on high specification industrial applications.